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Sep 19

magictreehasablog said: Hello, Internet's Busiest Music Nerd. I'm kind of a big fan of yours and I'm seeing you in NYC on October 9th. I just want to know if your friend Cal will be there too because he's kind of cute. Thanks, can't wait to see you

He will be there.

cupp0 said: Which song or artist would you most like to smash a bunch of shit to?

Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff

bobsbiscuits said: is it true what they say about toilets in australia

Yes , they shoot spiders up your bum!!!!

honnorcawkins said: This might be a bit of a weird question, but did you ever go through a phase of musical taste that you look back on and think "what the hell?" Personally, I went through the whole "classic rock is the only good genre/rap and electronic music aren't real music phase" until I was 15 or so.

Yeah, nu metal.

mustwegospellitout said: please tell me you are going to be guest hosting rage!!

I am!!!

nymphknife said: still can't get over the fact that The Underachievers mentioned you in one of their songs on Cellar Door. you go Anthony! :)



ive been thinking about it and we’re probably gonna find out anthony fantano has sent unsolicited dick pics

I only send em if you ask.


Anthony Fantano reviewing anything is annoying, but Anthony Fantano reviewing noise records is so cringeworthy.

I was just about to review a whole stack of noise records.


ok do people here like/respect anthony fantano or not?

I hate him.

Sep 18

I’m back, baby!!!

I’m back, baby!!!